Divorce Counseling

Divorce is never an easy transition for anyone. Especially for those with little ones, the idea of divorce seems scary in regards to how it’ll impact them. However, the happiness of you and your partner is the only way to live out a healthy life for yourself as well as your family. At Dr. Alan M. Jaffe & Associates, our divorce counseling is here to help better you and your partner for a healthy separation.

Despite the downfalls of the relationship, there are aspects that remain of great importance to have a civil separation. Whether you’re worried about splitting assets, the impact on your kids and other factors, Dr. Alan M. Jaffe & Associates’s custody evaluation and psychological counseling can guide you and your loved ones to a healthy, happy future. You can engage in a group or individual counseling session of your choice, so that you and your family will be able to transition more easily.

Our divorce counseling services are here for you. So contact our therapist and expert witness at Dr. Alan M. Jaffe & Associates today in Chicago, IL, and live the life you love.