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    Jaffe Alan M PsyD was interesting and readily answered all questions with enthusiasm.

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    What a splendid person... Jaffe Alan M PsyD is the most compassionate, sharp and not to mention straight forward person I have the pleasure of knowing. I consider her a friend as well as a life coach, as she uncovered an inner strength in me that has continued to change my life in positive ways. She is a wonderful human being that loves to help others and I am proud to say I know her!

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    Awesome consulting group. They are one of the better psychologist groups in Chicago, IL. I went to them for family therapy.

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    We found a good therapist and we`re in a better place in most areas now.

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    I want you to know how grateful I am that you are in my life and that I have you to go to. I trust you so much and really feel like I can be my true self with you. Since I have seen you, I have felt liberated and have been putting in the work. It is challenging but so worth it in the end I know.... I can not thank you enough for your guidance and all you do for me. I appreciate you so much.

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    Things have been pretty fantastic! The homework you gave us has been phenomenal in helping us talk about our feelings! Some days have not been without sadness for both of us, but we're both progressing very well. Thank YOU, Dr. Alan !

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    I saw Dr. Alan for two issues, one regarding my father's affair and the other to add a little sugar and spice in the bedroom for myself and my husband. I was looking for a counselor who could coach me from a holistic perspective, and also get right down to work. I had tried seeing traditional therapists, but they were not good at relating to my needs. Dr. Alan was amazing at giving thoughtful and insightful advise and exercises that inspired and supported my emotional and spiritual growth. From only seeing Dr. Alan for a little over a month, she helped me learn to love my father for who he is, and also worked with me to find the right tools to use with other emotional issues that may arise in the future. I would highly recommend her to others that want to be held accountable for changing their lives with her unconditional love and support.

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    My husband and I LOVE Dr. Alan. We came to see him because we thought our intimacy SHOULD be different, better, more often... whatever, it wasn't good enough. By isolating the sex in our relationship we were putting pressure on each other. I love Dr. Alan's peaceful holistic approach. With him help we were able to see, to our happy surprise, that we have a sweet loving dance or flow to our intimacy. We started to see our intimacy as a journey and explored new ways to be passionate. We discovered things we didn't know about ourselves, each other, and grew as a couple. Dr. Alan helped us to reconnect, explore each other in a safe comfortable way, and to keep it flowin'. It's also exciting to be left with so many fun, lite, easy sensual ideas to use any time we want to nurture, or rekindle our sex life.'

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    Alan is one of the most amazing couples therapist I could ever hope to encounter. He listens, offers amazing insights, never judges, and always tells it like he sees it. I won't go into the details of our visits, but I do feel incredibly lucky to have Figs in our lives, and I highly recommend him to anyone who really wants a shot at saving their relationship.

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    Current partner and I have done as a couple and with our kids. Definitely good WHEN you have a therapist everyone can relate to. That`s the hard part.

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    About this time last year (July, 2011) I visited Dr. Jaffe.

    To say the least, I was having extreme stress related issues. For example:

    - I couldn't sleep at night
    - I would wake up exhausted regardless of how much sleep I actually had
    - I was quick to become upset
    - I saw the injustice in every situation and would become clearly upset
    - I had grown to distrust others I was sharp and cutting when criticizing others;
    - and I couldn't take even a perceived slight or criticism

    Now, please understand that this was not the ME that I had known.

    It had become this way after a few years and it bothered me that I had declined to such a state.

    There were a few circumstances that led to this, one was that I was working from home and was basically isolated from my clients and colleagues for weeks or months at a time.

    No sun, little interaction with others except my wife and child, I felt trapped and isolated.

    The old marriage wasn't going well, stress of having a new daughter and the economy was tanking, which led to a MORE stressful everything else.

    This, however, was only the most recent stress.

    There was a lot of childhood stress, the death of both parents within 6 months, hearing my mother commit suicide when I was 11 yrs old, 4 schools in 3 years, living in a "blended family" with arguments and hatred every single day

    Even after all this, I was an optimist, encouraging others, refusing to accept that my past would influence my life. I took communication courses to ensure that my teenage years did not influence my relationships, I learned how to communicate effectively using word pictures, I participated in and trained others in transformation courses, I was the quintessential Tony Robbins wanna-be; and it all made a powerful and positive impact.

    However, after 25 years, the 7 years after my parents died, which I call "living in hell" began to take effect.

    Committed to being a good person, a good father and REALLY not wanting my daughter to experience the loss of a parent through divorce or separation or anything close to what I had experienced or witnessed, I found Dr. Jaffe, met with him for about an hour and immediately knew, he could help.

    I spent 9 months with Dr. Jaffe once or twice per week. Here are some of the results:

    I was able to deeply see, understand and recognize the symptoms and causes of this stress. Many things like even skin irritations on the corners of my mouth disappeared after 2 months, which I had previously tried to resolve with just about every remedy on the planet.

    2 months with Dr. Jaffe and no more irritation on my face. No one ever noticed, by the way, but it was clear that there was some issue that wouldn't go away.

    My extremely violent nightmares (some of which would make the movie "SAW" look like a fairy tale) during times of stress began to fade within 4 months. The dreams went from resolving issues in a violent manner to dreams that slowly over the course of 2-3 months would become more peaceful in nature and even when under stress, I can recognize what is now an errant dream for what it is - a way for my mind to attempt at resolving past issues. Those issues simply do not have the grasp they once did - and that is saying something.

    I have also requested that my wife seek counseling and she has. Our marriage is much more peaceful and many of the triggers that began stressful situations have ceased (or are occurring 99.9% less often).

    This makes for a peaceful home - which for 3 years prior did not exist at all. Although I have not seen Dr. Jaffe in a few months, I do plan on continuing with him, if possible, in the future.

    The benefits of psychotherapy (a fancy word for talk therapy) far outweigh my initial trepidation of seeming weak or somehow broken. My time with Dr. Jaffe was beneficial, because I was able to see that my brain/mind was doing what it was supposed to - to make sense of the trauma I experienced, but did not EVER express.

    One small example: I had roommates in college that always wondered why I didn't speak of family matters. I couldn't even bring close friends in to tell them that my parents had died. Too painful to explain suicide to a teenager or 20-something.

    I learned that I was experiencing things that many people, given the circumstances of my life, experience.

    Since seeking Dr. Jaffe's counsel, those things do not have the grip they once did and that is the most inner peace one can hope for.

    One simply can not substitute 30 years of experience in psychotherapy - Dr. Jaffe is an excellent therapist - the opposite of what you see on television.

    Dr. Jaffe is humble, reflective, careful of how he phrases questions and comments as to not allow a miscommunication or perception, quick to notice how his words affected me and restated or re-communicated to ensure his words had a positive effect - all the while, still getting to the heart of the matter.

    You can't ask for more than that!